Around this time of the year, a lot of people mistake party dressing as a huge effort and tend to believe the more sparkles, the better! That's not always the case - you can stillenjoy gettin dressed up for your christmas do, or even Christmas dy, Whilst boasting effortlessness and elegance.

At Jonzara, although we are partial to a sequin (or two!) - we've rounded up a diverse list of our top favourite partywear trends and pieces, no matter what your personal style is.

1/ Sequins
Sequins are a firm party favourite for turning heads and embracing everything Christmas and New Year Stands for. The Welcomed aspect of sequinned dresses are that they do all the talking for you, therefore minimal effort is required! Simply keep accessories and jewellery to a minimum and all the one tone and you are good to go.
2/ Metallics
Metallics are a new-age alternative to partywear that exude elements of edginess and sophistication when worn with any outfit. They are also a subtler way of incorporating a bit of shine to your look without gongall-out. Another bonus is that they can work with casualwear too- simply pair a jumper with a metallic skirt or dress, add tights and ankle boots and you have the perfect daytime Winter outfit!
3/ Velvet
Velvet always comes back around this time of the year, and it's luxurious look and feel is enough to make you wish it stayed around longer. What we love is that each ear, velvet gets a refreshing bost to compliment the latest trends - like this one from Fee G with the bright red leopard print touches.
4/ Glitter
Glitter is the perfect minimalistic way to hint at the Glitzt-glamourous side of party dressing. If you're not a full-on glitter lover, you ca give this trend a delicate nod in the form of lurex, where the sparkle is embedded in the finer details yet looks stunning when the light hits.